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World Indoor Bowls Championships in Guernsey

When he first arrived on the island, the Lieutenant-Governor had been quite surprised to find Guernsey had such a successful Indoor Bowling Team. But he was quite surprised by a lot of things achieved on this tiny island. Small but mighty, we told him. 

So he went very willingly along to watch the Women's Singles Final on Saturday afternoon. He has watched quite a lot of rugby, some football, sailing, rowing, shooting, cycling, athletics but his last foray out to the centre at the Indoor Bowls Club was as a car parking attendant whilst volunteering for the Island Games so he was pleased to be able to enjoy the intricate spectacle that is the indoor bowling championships. 

Malaysia's Nor Farah Ain Abdullah beat Connie Rixon from Australia in a clean win final of 6-2, 6-3 and His Excellency was a little gutted that he has been unable to attend the Men's Final next on that day due to another commitment with the Sea Cadets after Guernsey's Jason Greenslade took the Gold Medal in the Final making Guernsey second equal with Australia in the medals table. Well done Jason!

The staff at Government House had a go at lawn bowling last year, with the help of the Northern Bowls Association. Great fun, but so hard. It gives a whole new respect for the competitors in the scheme.

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