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Victim and Witness Support Centre 25th Anniversary

The Centre based at the Royal Court has been providing support to victims of crime and to those called as witnesses for 25 years. 

In it's anniversary year, His Excellency and Mrs Cripwell really enjoyed visiting the centre, finding out about the services it offers and meeting some of the staff and volunteers who run and assist in the programme. 

Their charitable purpose in Victim Support is to provide emotional support, practical help and information to victims of crime and to their families and friends. 

For the Witness service, they provide support and information to anyone called as a witness to the criminal courts and also to anyone required to attend domestic proceedings or Matrimonial court. 

His Excellency was particularly struck by the considerable workload taken on by this charity and the care that they take with each individual case to ensure they their clients have all the support they require before, during and after their court experience. 

The Service will be at the Charities Fete at Government House on Sunday June 25th so do stop by and ask about this wonderful service. 

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