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The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain is commemorated annually at the beginning of September in gratitude to The Few who defended the country and therefore gave us the freedom that we have today. It is also an opportunity to remember the people who are currently fighting for the country

201 (Guernsey's Own) Squadron, disbanded in 2011 but reformed in 2021, had flown in from their base at RAF Lossiemouth and the parade was ready to go... formed by members of invited military units, cadet organizations, Standard bearers and military veterans, supported by a local Band, everybody was poised to march down to the Town Church to be inspected by His Excellency and The Bailiff but the weather determined that the parade was not to be this year. Torrential rain and high winds forecast for the Sunday morning prompted a cancellation the night before by the Parade Commander, Syd Bowsher. And just as well, as the heavens opened at 10am and everyone silently thanked him for his firm decision. 

The church service went ahead as normal, attended by His Excellency and the Bailiff, five members of 201 squadron and members of organisations, groups, charities and veterans.  

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