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Students go green at Government House

The enthusiasm of Dr Marshall for all things green is spreading out of Ladies' College and encompassing Vauvert school on it's way to Government House. 

As part of the project they are running at the Ladies College to look at the green credentials and carbon footprint of Government House, the girls rounded up some help from Vauvert Year 5 to help them plant a pollinator patch near the beehives at Government House. Dr Marshall had also enlisted the aid of Sharon from the Pollinator project who had come bearing a box of sweet smelling seeds for the children to plant alongside the plants the girls at Ladies' College had potted up ready to go in. 

His Excellency was off island when the first group visited on the Wednesday but was thrilled to come out and take part in the planting with the kids on Thursday. 

The Head Gardener at GH will keep an eye on the patch and water in the seeds. And then the same groups will then be invited back to Government House when they return to school in September as Year 6, to see how their patch has grown into a tiny wildflower meadow. 

Seed Mix: Botson Seeds - Rainbow Cascade Flower Seed Mix

Californian Poppy; Chrysanthemum; Common Poppy; Coreopsis (Tickseed); Cornflower; cosmidium; cosmos; flax; gypsophila; Linaria (Toadflax); Sweet Alyssum. 

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