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Nuclear Test Medals

Following many years of campaigning, in November 2022, the British Government announced the creation of a new medal intended to recognise the contribution of military and civilian personnel that took part in the various programmes aimed at developing nuclear weapons to be used by the British Armed Forces The announcement was made to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the first nuclear test. In July 2023, the design of the new medal was released, with a commitment that many eligible veterans would receive their medals by Remembrance Day in November 2023.

Two local veterans, Gerry Robert and Harry Torode were found to be eligible and have been awarded the medal which was presented by His Excellency at a ceremony at Government House on 30th November.

His Excellency was visibly moved by the humble nature of these two extraordinarily brave men who remained in contact with many of their comrades, a great number of which have suffered with their health as a result of their proximity to the nuclear explosions with little more than a request to turn their back and not look at the mushroom cloud.  

Mr Robert and Mr Torode were permitted to invite a room full of their families and friends to watch them receive this long-awaited honour and despite their advancing years, they clearly enjoyed their moment and in the spotlight. 

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