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MUG go native with GROW


Grow Guernsey Natives is a new plan to help preserve our island's native plants that has been launched by the Botany Section of La Societe Guernesiaise and GROW Limited after Raymond Evison created the initiative to preserve local plant species.  

Male Uprising Guernsey sponsor the 'Mug Mound' at Salerie Corner and will be replanting in their area with local species to support the initiative in a wonderfully visible area. The foundation council invited His Excellency to come along, get his hands in the soil and learn about the work done by MUG in raising awareness of Male cancers. 

The education and awareness campaign is centred on pro activity and to motivate men, whatever their age, to be more assertive, responsive and questioning of their symptoms or concerns.

The Lieutenant-Governor was thrilled to find the Guernsey weather had decided on a little light drizzle to accompany him on his excursion to Salerie Corner but sturdy shoes, a waterproof jacket and a can-do attitude is a staple for all Guernsey residents and His Excellency has been here long enough to know rain rarely stops play...

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