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Medal for Kevin Adams BEM

Born and raised on the Island of Sark, Kevin Adams has been a stalwart of the community for his whole life but was still surprised and very grateful to receive the BEM in the King's Birthday Honours List earlier this year. 

Many of Sark's small population multi-tasks, serving their community in a variety of roles and Kevin currently works as the Prévot  in Sark's Court alongside his role as Chief Fire Officer of the Sark Fire and Rescue Service having joined as a volunteer in 1989. Kevin is hugely proud of the Fire Service and the many committed volunteers who perform this incredibly important role for their community. 

Kevin taught himself to play piano when young and now serves as the honorary Church Organist and Choirmaster, performing as part of the choir on many important occasions including at a visit to Coventry Cathedral and also when the then Prince Charles visited the Island for the WWI Centenary Commemorations. He even organised a hand bell ringing band who performed for many years including for the Queen in 2001. 

He then took on a bit of amateur archaeology, excavating a WWII German gun emplacement which he maintains as a tourist attraction and even sports has not been neglected in his extensive CV, having been named Channel Island inter-insular Archery Champion. 

The Lieutenant-Governor was firmly of the opinion that Kevin deserved an investiture in his home island where members of the community he serves could toast his commitment so we packed up His Excellency and Mrs Cripwell, his ADC, Events Coordinator, two Lieutenant-Governor's cadets and the Bailiff, who has worked with Kevin for many years, and travelled to Sark on a very wet and windy Saturday in October. 

A wonderful reception was held in the Island Hall and everyone who attended was able to raise a glass to Kevin and his mother was thrilled to see how much her son was appreciated by their small community. 

The picture on the front is Kevin Adams with His Excellency and his ADC and the Seigneur of Sark.

The picture below shows Kevin with his family and the Lieutenant-Governor.

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