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Launch of the Nature Commission

The Nature Commission started up exactly a year ago but were waiting until they had settled into their office, website and new roles and appointed their CEO, Jessi Jennings who was due to return from four years in New Zealand. Now they are ready to roll and as their patron, His Excellency was keen to ensure they had a proper launch to celebrate this exciting organisation.

From their website:

The Nature Commission recognises that our natural environment is declining in biodiversity and, hence, health. We are working hard to reverse this trend by protecting and enhancing Guernsey’s natural environment for the health of our economy and the wellbeing of our island community.

The Nature Commission collaborates with the States of Guernsey, the third sector, business and the community, creating a nature network and facilitating a shared ‘voice for nature’. The Nature Commission  provides support in the delivery of the States’ Strategy for Nature, a multi-year plan with objectives that include connecting the community with nature, helping to ensure the diversity and resilience of natural capital and assets, and sharing knowledge about nature

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