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International Women's Day

The reception was organised in conjunction with Women in Public Life who have made a big impact in helping and encouraging local women to realise their potential in public office. Guests were invited from local women's organisations, the States of Guernsey, Business groups and charities 

The keynote speaker was Commander Anna De-Saint-Bissix-Crois who worked with His Excellency during her career in the military and who defied any attempts to pigeon hole her as a woman in the Navy. Other speakers throughout the evening included Brooke Kenyan from Orchard PR, Neave Chatting-Tonks, chair of the Youth Forum and one of the Lieutenant-Governor's Cadets, Deputy Heidi Soulsby and Shelaine Green from Women in Public Life. Every speech was pitched to perfection with possibly the biggest cheer going to 16 year old Neave admitting her experience giving a talk from the dispatch box in the House of Commons last November, the first Channel islander to do so, was "b****y cool" 

It was an incredibly successful evening and a thoroughly joyous occasion. All of the speakers noted that knowing that other women, and men, were out there, willing to hold them up and cheer them on is what helps them to square their shoulders and take that leap. But that also sometimes, you just have to know where you want to be and just go. Know your worth and believe it. 

Photographer Paul Chambers, a committee member for Women in Public Life, was on hand throughout the event and took all the photos, including the one on the front page and he has certainly captured the exuberant feel of the evening.   

Commander Anna De-Saint-Bissix-Croix

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