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Guernsey Alzheimer's - Caring for Carers

"The Primary purpose of the Guernsey Alzheimer's Association is Caring for Carers of People with Dementia"

Looking after someone with dementia is a tough job and when it's somebody you love, it makes that job ever more difficult. The Alzheimer's Association hold regular social activities to help support carers where they can meet up and make friends in a relaxed atmosphere, and with people who understand your life. 

In addition to this they do also offer respite care and a sitting service to give the carers a break, providing companionship for their loved one's or taking them out to give the carer a break in the home.

As ever in charities from the third sector, many of those working with the charity are volunteers who have experience of caring for family and fully understand the concerns held. 

Mrs Cripwell is patron of the charity and is very happy to be able to go along and talk with some of the carers and the volunteers to further understand the lives of those who live with dementia and those who volunteer their time to help.  

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