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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards

"We are here to empower young people; to support them as they learn new skills, overcome obstacles, and build confidence and resilience. We are here for the challenges, the frustrations, the triumphs and the laughter. We are here because we believe in youth without limits".

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is a worthy challenge to undertake at every level. But those who achieve their Gold Award have achieved something truly remarkable. 

This was the first reception held for these awards since December 2020 and the Lieutenant-Governor was incredibly impressed by the 17 young people he met at the reception, many of which completed their Gold awards despite the upheaval and uncertainties of the past two or three years and their dedication to gaining the award shows a determination that bodes well for their future.

Most of the recipients headed off to University soon after completion so catching them all together on island is always just a little more challenging but also an incredibly rewarding experience, not just for these young people but for the many facilitators who supported them who are able to meet with them again during this next phase in their lives. His Excellency was particularly pleased to see them all greeting each other and their supporters and said it gave the whole event a lovely atmosphere with the feel of a reunion. 

His Excellency was especially pleased to catch up with one of his first Lieutenant-Governor's Cadets, Ellie Dufty back after her first term in Sheffield, and also to meet Jacob Brady, another L-G Cadet from 3 years ago.

It was a very lively and enjoyable reception and we were so pleased to host this wonderful group at Government House. 

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