Guernsey Government House

The Russells and Jubilee Day Centres

Hot on the heels of their return from the Commonwealth Games, Mrs Cripwell was delighted to be taking Mustard the Golden Retriever to visit the Russells and the Jubilee Day Centres and see the excellent work of the Guernsey Voluntary Service of which she is patron. 

The Day Centres are run by the GVS with the aim to reduce loneliness and isolation in the older population. 

Mrs Cripwell thoroughly enjoyed her visits, learning about the important role of the Volunteers in providing a service that involves making cups of tea, holding activities and just spending time with some of the service users who visit. Many of the seniors Mrs Cripwell spoke to at the centre come every week and greatly look forward to their time spent with their peer group, just enjoying the company of those who have lived a life similar to their own.