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On Tuesday 3rd November Lady Corder, as Patron, presented  Baden-Powell Challenge Awards to members of Girlguiding Guernsey.  Sadly, the cohort were the last to receive this Award, as it was discontinued in September 2019.  The Award represented the highest attainment by a Guide within their Section, and was designed to be challenging and involved sustained effort over a period of time, whilst encouraging each Guide to try new activities and develop new skills.

The Baden-Powell Challenge was divided into five zones, each containing many clauses:

Zone 1: Healthy lifestyles - Encouraged Guides to lead a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Zone 2: Global awareness - Aimed to increase awareness of global issues and of the contribution each Guide can make.

Zone 3: Discovery - Challenged Guides with new experiences and adventure.

Zone 4: Skills and relationships - Aimed to develop Guides' confidence and self-worth, and to improve their interpersonal and life skills. And finally....

Zone 5: Celebrating diversity - Aimed to promote active citizenship, developing Guides' awareness of rights and responsibilities for all.

To find out more about Girlguiding Guernsey, please visit their website at:

Congratulations to all the recipients!

Girlguiding Guernsey Baden-Powell 2020