Guernsey Government House

The ship that vanished in the Alderney race!

The Henry Euler Memorial Trust is a charity dedicated to the research, interpretation and presentation of Alderney's maritime history and heritage. 

Alderney Cinema repeat showing a short film, presentation and Q&A session with Richard Keen and his team of divers from bailiwick of Guernsey Shipwrecks. Keen is well known in the Channel islands for his ability to find lost ships, the best known being the Asterix, Guernsey's Roman ship, the timbers of which he found back in the 1980's in St Peter Port harbour. Those timbers were restored by the Mary Rose Trust and are now housed for public viewing at Guernsey Pearl.

This summer, Richard Keen was diving a mystery wreck in Alderney and declared it "one of the most interesting wrecks in the Channel Islands". It's secrets were revealed to the Lieutenant-Governor and Mrs Cripwell and a full house last Saturday morning.