Guernsey Government House

Autism Guernsey Halloween Bake-Off

Autism bake off judge This is the first year Autism Guernsey has been inspired to run it's own Charity Bake-Off Competition and Mrs Cripwell was only too happy to be able to contribute as the Lead Judge alongside Kate Marshall from JT Enterprises who have contributed the first prize.  

The public were welcome to attend and did so in their droves, keen to view the spectacle even if they didn't want to bake. The public were also able to have their say as only 60% of the judging vote comes from the panel and 40% from the public who were invited to step up and look for that bake they consider worthy of a Hollywood Handshake. 

There were five categories to choose from, including a biscuit baking and decorating challenge for children, show-stoppers, and 'free-from' - which had to be gluten free, dairy free or vegan.

The whole event was well attended and Mrs Cripwell thoroughly enjoyed her time there, even snapping up a delicious, spooky cake at the auction for the staff at Government House.