Guernsey Government House

New Book for Peter Le Vasseur

As one of the most well-known and respected artists in Guernsey, many would feel that a book on his life and work is long overdue. It purports to chart his progression from pop art and fantasy to political pieces, book illustration and environmental paintings. His central philosophy can be seen running through his many works as : where nature survives, hope remains. 

The new book has been written by Dr Jason Monaghan, a familiar face to to every historian, archaeologist and museum lover in Guernsey as Dr Monaghan was the Director of Guernsey Museums until his retirement 3 years ago. In addition to running the museum, Dr Monaghan has long been known also an an author in his own right, publishing not just the weighty archaeology tomes on Roman Pottery and the Guernsey Roman Ship but also historical thrillers and even some archaeological detective stories.  

His Excellency was asked to open the launch and was very pleased to receive a proof of the book in advance where he was able to acquaint himself with the full range of artistic talent displayed by this prolific and celebrated Guernsey artist. He was delighted to be able to meet the artist and see some of his most famous works on display.