Guernsey Government House

Saffery Rotary Walk Prizes and Awards

The Saffery Rotary Walk once again took place this year on June 11th, raising money for 17 local charities, each with a project in mind for the money they would be given. Many charities apply to the Rotary Club for funding from this event which is always well supported despite the gruelling challenge of walking round the Island, all 39 miles of it.

His Excellency and Mrs Cripwell kindly agreed to host the reception for this excellent event where members of the charities were invited along to receive their cheques and will have an opportunity to thank the sponsors and volunteers for their time and organisation. 

In addition there are a few awards presented each year, for the oldest walker, the youngest walker, the largest amount of money raised by an individual or by a group and the ever popular #selfie of the year.

The evening was presented by Nigel Dorey of the Rotary Club whose easygoing presentation style made for a very entertaining time for all.

The cheques and prizes were awarded by His Excellency,  When Harry met Peter and among those prizewinners were youngest walker Harry Wallace, who was the youngest walker ever to complete the Round the Island slog and at 8 years old, that is incredibly impressive! Equally impressive at the other end of the scale was the efforts of Mr Peter Walker, very aptly named as he is, for the oldest walker at the grand age of 75 years. Photo was taken by Buzz Creative Studios and captured that lovely moment when Harry met Peter. 

Also given an award, the Peter Walker Award... not to be confused with the other Peter Walker... a prize awarded for something outside the normal realm of prizes but for something exceptional.  On this occasion it went to Ruth Mahy, who has completed the Saffery Rotary Walk a total of 22 times!! For anyone who has faced those first set of cliff steps at 4.30 in the morning, you know that finishing feels like a big enough achievement, doing it again and again and again is not something many of us would contemplate!

The charities, prize winners, sponsors and hosts thoroughly enjoyed their reception at Government House and with Saffery Director Lisa Vizia pledging to continue their long association with rotary and the walk, it seems safe to assume they will be back to do it all again next year...