Guernsey Government House

Alderney Memorial to Sapper George Onions

Sapper George Onions who helped in clearing Alderney of land mines after the Occupation. He served with the 259 Field company of the Royal Engineers and worked in jersey before transferring to Alderney to do the work with the aid of German prisoners. The war was over and his family in Stone-on-Trent were expecting him home soon but on that fateful day, 21st June, Sapper Onions was unloading a lorry filled with land mines when a box of detonators deemed to be safe, exploded, mortally wounding Sapper Onions. He was the only British soldier to lose his life on the Island of Alderney. 

His grave has been recently refurbished and His Excellency took part in a special memorial service to pay tribute to Sapper George Onions. As a Royal Engineer himself, the Lieutenant-Governor was glad to have been able to make it over to our sister island to lay a wreath to the memory of a brave soldier so tragically killed after the fighting had ended. 

The service was conducted by the Vicar of Alderney, Reverand Jan Fowler and attended be members of the States of Alderney and a small gathering of residents in St Anne's Parish church, among them was local resident and veteran army engineer 94 year old Alan Stretton.