Guernsey Government House

Le Murier School Bronze D of E Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has been going strong since it began in 1956. Then, it was only for boys and the programme included rescue and public service, expedition, pursuits and fitness.  

In 1957 they started the Duke of Edinburgh Award for girls which included design for living, adventure and interests and service. 

In 1980 they established the programme as we know it today. One programme designed for all, that of service, expeditions, skills and physical recreation. 

Le Murier School have always excelled in helping their students to achieve everything that they can and the Duke of Edinburgh Award is no exception. Le Murier Bronze Awards Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

There were nine students who attained their Bronze Awards this year and His Excellency was thrilled to be able to meet these young people and congratulate them on their achievements.

It was a beautiful evening and no sooner had the formalities of certificates and badges been finished, everyone went outside to the back garden to take photos and enjoy the sunshine. The families of the students, D DofE Leaders, supporters and teachers from the school were so obviously proud of the students and a lovely time was had by all. Not least the students who, like all young people, were mostly keen to meet Mustard, the Lieutenant-Governor's dog who likes to greet everyone who comes to the house.