Guernsey Government House

The Queen's Baton Relay 2022

As the baton makes it's epic journey across the Commonwealth, a journey that started on 7 October 2021, it made its way to Guernsey on the 13th June staying overnight to leave on the 14th. It will take 294 days for the baton to pass through all 72 nations and territories on its way to Birmingham for the start of the Commonwealth Games in August.  

The Lieutenant-Governor and Mrs Cripwell were very pleased to play a part in the baton's time in the Bailiwick and hosted a group of 7 of our athletes from the Guernsey Team with their managers and representatives from the Guernsey branch of the Commonwealth Games Association.

Relay Running The team brought with them a group of 16 children from four of the closest town schools (Vauvert, Beechwood, Notre Dame and Melrose) who did an incredibly enthusiastic relay race around the grounds of Government House. There were only winners in this group as all the children got a Queen's Baton Relay t-shirt, a Guernsey flag, a Commonwealth Games Guernsey pin badge and the chance to spend a couple of hours away from school on a beautiful sunny day! Their teachers and parents came to cheer them on as they were recorded by Spike productions during the relay and as they were part of the procession with the athletes who presented the baton to His Excellency as part of a ceremony seen all over the Commonwealth. 

We wish all our athletes the very best of luck in the games and apparently, we only need to bring home one gold medal to find ourselves at the top of the leader board....if you are looking at the number of medals per capita!