Guernsey Government House

Visit to Sark and Chief Pleas

On 27th and 28th April, His Excellency and Mrs Cripwell visited Sark, and gained a taste of this very special Island.

They enjoyed a tour including some of their beautiful areas including Sark Henge and across the Coupee. They apparently declined a dip at Derrible but you never know for next time! 

The lovely VIP welcome drinks at the Island Hall was followed by the official part of their visit by attending Chief Pleas before enjoying a tour of the Seigneurie Gardens and the hospitality of the Seigneur. 

What did they make of the toast rack up the hill I hear you ask?! Well, who wouldn't enjoy such a unique experience! It's just a shame they didn't have time for a pint at the Bel Air... maybe next time...