Guernsey Government House

Milo's last duty as WAG patron

The Hungarian Vizla, Milo, resident canine at Government House for the past 5 years was honoured to be the patron of WAG - Wellbeing Animals Guernsey.

Milo was sad to hand over his WAG neckerchief to Harvey but has been assured that he takes his duties very seriously and will be a worthy successor to the title of WAG Patron. 

Therapy dogs and other animals help people of all ages and in many different situations and if you think you or anyone you know would benefit from the therapeutic benefits of a visit from a therapy pet, Milo would heartily recommend you get in touch at  

Milo will be leaving the island at the end of November and is looking forward to the change of scenery. He will miss his favourite beaches in Guernsey, and stopping to chat with the canine locals on the island and he'll miss all his friends at Government House. 

Photo on the front page was from the Guernsey Press. Lady Corder, left, Lt Governor Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder with their dog Milo, and Dr Nicola Brink with her dog Harvey at the Government House Wag Walk certificate presentation. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 28987256)