Guernsey Government House

Final Farewell to Sark

The next couple of months will see His Excellency and Lady Corder doing a lot of things for the last time and saying a lot of final farewells to organisations, patronages and friends they have spent time with in the last 5 years. 

Their last time visiting Sark in an official capacity, Sir Ian and Lady Corder were lucky to have a beautiful October day for a crossing, their first time on the new Sark boat. His Excellency was due to attend Chief Pleas at 5pm where he would make a speech as, according to convention, the Lieutenant-Governor speaks only once in the Chamber on his last appearance just before he leaves Office. With an afternoon to themselves, they took themselves off for lunch at Hathaways and a walk to the hole in the wall and round the coast as so many of us do when faced with the peace and quiet of Sark.  

His Excellency and Lady Corder have loved their visits to the island over the years and think very fondly of the quiet countryside and the tranquility of life so treasured by the Sarkees they have met there.