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Visit to Guernsey Sea Farms

Guernsey Sea Farms Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowLast Thursday (21st Mar) His Excellency and Lady Corder visited Guernsey Sea Farms at Parc Lane in the Vale.

Established over 25 years ago in a disused quarry, Guernsey Sea Farms is a family run business that specialises in producing and supplying oyster and clam seeds all over the world including to buyers in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Namibia, South Africa, and Canada. Buyers go on to grow the seed oysters to mature stock for domestic consumption.  In addition though, Guernsey Sea Farms has found an additional market supplying oyster embryos and larvae to marine ecotoxicology testing centres, a highly specialised but crucial part of the global enviromental monitoring regime.  The company enjoys a precious advantage in that, as yet, Guernsey remains free of the herpes based disease that has decimated oyster production elsewhere in europe and around the world.  With this in mind, bio-security is a particular priority at the site.

Sir Ian and Lady Corder were shown around by Mark and Penny Dravers, founders and owners and followed the production process from the collection of brood stock through spawning to onward growing and subsequent screening and selection.  Sir Ian remarked that he was extremely impressed by the science behind the production and the inginuity with which it had been applied.  It was another example of how the islands entrepreneurial spirit combined with its special environment to produce a unique business success.