Guernsey Government House

Guernsey Riding Charity Awards

Lady Corder with the RDA Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowLast Tuesday (5 Feb) saw volunteers who help children and adults with disabilities to ride recognised at a special ceremony hosted by Lady Corder at Government House.

Lady Corder is patron of the charity 'Guernsey Riding for the Disabled' and, during the evening, around 30 volunteers were recognised for their service - including three very special supporters, Carolyn Randle, Ann Prosser, and Majorie Travers, each of whom had helped the charity for over 35 years.

In proposing a toast to the voluteers, Lady Corder highlighted the very real benefits that learning to ride and interact with animals in general, and horses in particular, brought to people with disabilities.  She said 'With a severely autistic nephew who is now grown up but whose one great joy in life was, and still is, horse riding I understand completely the importance of this service'.  She also emphasised the need for more voluteers to come forward to assist in the future and encouraged anyone who is thinking about it to give it a go.