Guernsey Government House

Birthday & Anniversary Tea

Lady Corder meets guests at tea party Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowOn Tuesday (19 Sep) the Lieutenant-Governor and Lady Corder hosted another afternoon tea for members of the community who had recently passed some very special personal milestones.

Their guests included island 'centenarians', Miss Myra Gallienne (100 in August), Mrs Miriam Mahy (103 last January), and Mrs Kathleen Browning (104 in May).  They were joined by four couples who had celebrated Diamond (60th) wedding anniversaries over the same period, one couple who had achieved their 64th anniversary, and two who had achieved the magnificent 'sapphire' milestone of 65 years!

HE & Lady Corder with Mrs Browning Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowSir Ian greeted all the visitors remarking that they had lived through some of the most amazing times in history and that they were 'an inspiration'. He urged them to 'keep on going!'  When asked about how she had seen Guernsey change in her lifetime Miss Gallienne wisely remarked that 'She just takes things as they are'!  Mrs Browning amused Lady Corder with stories of her son who, whilst an apprentice gardener at Government House just after the war, gave the Lt Governor's sons two lassos for Christmas, only to find supper delayed one night while the cook was untied!  Both His Excellency and Lady Corder also enjoyed talking with Mrs Mahy about her writing on the occupation.   

If you know someone who is approaching their 100th or 105th birthday, or their Diamond or Sapphire Wedding Anniversary, and would like to arrange for a message from Her Majesty and/or an invitation to Government House, then please follow this link