Guernsey Government House

'Champagne tea'

Sir Ian toasts the guests Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowOn Thursday afternoon (25 May) Sir Ian and Lady Corder hosted another special champagne tea party for couples who had recently celebrated their Diamond or Sapphire anniversaries and one very special lady who was 103 last autumn.

They were joined by Austin & Jessica Cockram, Derick & Gisele Inder, Michael & Kathleen Hooper, Derek & Marion Le Page, and Maurice & Freda Rowe (all celebrating 60 years of marriage) and Lloyd & Jocelyn Le Poidevin (celebrating their 65th anniversary).

The afternoon's special centenarian was Mrs Winifred Elliston who was born in Guernsey in Sep 1913 at a time when King George V had only been on the throne for three years!

Lady Corder hears stories of past glories! Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowSir Ian toasted all the guests and said they were a 'shining example of commitment, determination, and resilience'.  All the guests were accompanied by a friend or relative.

If you know someone who is approaching their 100th birthday (or older), or their Diamond (60th) or Sapphire (65th) Wedding anniversaries, and would like to arrange for a message from Her Majesty and/or an invitation to tea at Government House, the please follow this link.