Guernsey Government House

Fermain Tower Project Launched

HE & Tony Spruce explore the new accommodation! Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowThis morning (4 May) His Excellency joined with the Chairman and members of the Guernsey National Trust to launch a fundraising programme to support the refurbishment of Fermain's famous 18th century martello, or 'loophole', tower and its conversion into unique short term leisure accommodation for two.

Sir Ian met with the Trust's Chairman Tony Spruce and had the opportunity to clamber around inside the tower to see it in its original state before the conversion works start.  The project aims to raise approximately £200,000 and to begin work on the conversion in the autumn.  If all goes to plan, the tower should be ready to recieve its first guests, who may well be Sir Ian and Lady Corder, sometime in the 2018 season.  Sir Ian remarked that the towers were iconic elements of the Guernsey landscape and that he was delighted to see one of them being put to such innovative use.  Whilst definitely cosier than Government House, he thought it would make a lovely place to spend a few quiet, reflective days away.