Guernsey Government House

Shipping Licences

In order to ensure the sustainability of certain lifeline shipping services within the Bailiwick, the Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey is the licensing authority for the purposes of regulated passenger and cargo shipping services between Alderney and Sark or Guernsey, and other such regulated services provided in Sark territorial waters under the Alderney and Sark (Licensing of Vessels) Law, 1951 (as amended).

Due to differences in underlying safety, crewing, and harbouring regulations for vessels of differing capacities, licenced shipping under the 1951 Law is delineated into those vessels capable of carrying more than 12 passengers and those carrying 12 or less. Licences for the latter are further subdivided for the purposes of activities in Sark waters into two categories as follows:

Category One.  For operators of vessels for whom the embarkation/disembarkation of passengers within Sark waters is a principal purpose of their business and which, in the case of the Guernsey/Sark route, provide an all season/all weather service.

Category Two. For operators for whom the embarkation/disembarkation of passengers within Sark waters is incidental to the main purpose of their business (e.g. angling, diving, marine observation)

To see a full statement of licensing policy follow this pdf icon link [214kb].

Operators should note that existing '12 or under' Category 1 shipping licences will expire on 31 December 2019. Category 2 licences will expire on 31 December 2017. To renew an existing licence or to apply for a new one, operators should contact the Office of the Lieutenant-Governor at contact us. Applications should include the following information:

a.  Name or names of vessel owner(s)

b.  Address of vessel owner(s)

c.  Name of vessel

d.  Place where the vessel is normally based

e.  Description of planned operation

f.  Route or routes applied for viz:

  1. Guernsey to Sark  and return (Guernsey based boats only)
  2. Guernsey to Alderney and return (Guernsey based boats only)
  3. Alderney to Guernsey and return (Alderney based boats only)
  4. Alderney to Sark and return (Alderney based boats only)
  5. Sark to Guernsey and return (Sark based boat only)
  6. Sark to Alderney and return (Sark based boats only)
  7. Places, other than those referred to in 1-6, to or from Sark and return - all vessels